At the end of the summer term, just as it was time to choose our ‘O’-level subjects for the next year, our school introduced Computer Studies as a new ‘O’-level.

It’s worth taking a moment to consider what the world was like back then. No mobile phones, no computers in homes and precious few in schools.

In that case, here’s what was going on:

  • Sinclair Cambridge pocket calculator is on sale and Post-It note has just appeared.
  • The video game Pong is not yet in anybody’s home.
  • The average house cost around £5,000
  • The IRA continued with its bombing campaign on the mainland UK
  • The miners’ strike forced the Heath government out of office
  • Bill Shankly suddenly retired as manager of Liverpool FC.
  • The BBC began its CeeFax service
  • The first McDonalds opened in the UK
  • Towering Inferno, The Man With the Golden Gun, Emmanuelle, The Exorcist were released
  • Top of the Pops featured Waterloo, Devil Gate Drive, Seasons in the Sun, Y Viva Espana, Killer Queen and Merry Christmas Everybody
  • On TV, Porridge & TISWAS started, The World at War & Monty Python’s Flying Circus ended.